domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Makes Me Wanna Pray

Makes Me Wanna Pray

What is this feelin' comin' over me
I'm taken back in disbelief
Is this really me
In the mirror I see
Staring back at me 
Could it be
A new reflection of a woman complete

All of sudden I'm so carefree
Your lovin's doin' somethin' strange to me
I gotta new flame
Haven't been the same
Something in me's changed
And I feel that I've been saved

You've got me feelin' 
Like you're that somethin' I've been missin'
Everything's heaven
'Cause life with  you has been a blessing

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, I got it bad in a swerious way, (oh yeah)
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, Your love has brought me to a higher place, (oh yeah)
Who knew, who knew, itd be you to restore my faith
Every day, I am amazed
And it makes me wanna get down and pray

Makes me wanna get down and pray
Said it makes me wanna get down and pray

I've kept some company I shouldn't have
Made some mistakes but that's in the past
I'm confessin' here to you
Proof that I am through
I'm coming clean
And I can breathe
And I finally believe

You've got me thinkin'
I'll be alright and you're the reason
Ooh I can feel it, we're movin' in a new direction

Repeat chorus

Where would I be, where would I be
Without you by my side
Where would I be, where would I be
Without you standing by
Makes me wanna
Makes me need to
When I'm feeling low and all alone
You're the light in my day

Repeat chorus

Thank you, father
Wana lift my hands up and praise
Every time I'm hearing your name
Wanna reach out and rejoice
At the mere sound of your voice

Alright, that's it

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