lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Best Of Me

Best Of Me

Think I'm steel tough as nails
Never feel, never fail
But you're wrong, so damn wrong
Feel the weight of your hate
I still bleed, my heart aches
As you take and you take, oh

Words cut through my skin
Tears roll down my chin
My walls crumble within, hey
But I'll take it all on
And get up when I fall
'Til the last curtain call

'Cause you'll never get the best of me no more (no more)
Said you'll never get the best of me no more (hey, no more)
Aren't you tired of throwing stones (stones)
Try to kick me when I'm down (when I'm down)
But you'll never get the best of me no more (oh)

Say I'm cold, made of ice
Hard as stone, born to fight
But I cry, I still cry
Are you happy to know I'm unhappy alone (are you happy I'm unhappy)
Take your shot, I'n wide open (take your shot, I'm wide open



Heartbroken and beaten
Knocked down and mistreated
I will rise undefeated
I will not let you bring me down
Now the pain is deleted
And I will never repeat it
I will rise undefeated
i will no tlet you bring me down
No, I won't let you bring me down

Knocked down and mistreated
Heartbroken and beaten
Still I rise undefeated
'Cuase you'll never get



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