viernes, 5 de abril de 2013

Make The World Move

Make The World Move

If one smile can erase a frown, imagine what two can do
Turn it up, hey
And if one voice can change a heart, imagine what two can do
Tur it up, hey

The time is now, no time to wait
Turn up the love, turn down the hate
Turn up the love, turn down the hate
That, that sound good, let the record play
The time is now no need to sait
Turn up the love, speakers vibrate

Make the world move
Come on and make the world move
Spinning faster, round  and round
Let me hear that future sound

If you and I could compromise, imagine what a few could do
Turn it up, yeah
Don't listen to the point of view, them haters ain't follini' you
Turn it up, yeah



Just think about it, anybody could love somebody, oh oh oh
'Cause if anybody could love  somebody, oh oh oh
I'ma need somebody to help somebody, we all need somebody, oh oh oh



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