jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

My Girls

My Girls

My girls wear lipstick while they're making my beats
They got guitar picks in their purses Louboutin on their feet
They got no time for wasting in lines
They got sex 8o8's running through their dirty minds

My girls
We're running the show
My girls
We're teasing all the boys on the go
My girls
Cuz that's the way that we roll
My girls
So ladies step it up and take control
Now shout
My girls
We stronger than fun

My girls headed to the city y'all
We got cosmo on the dash and tickets on the floor
We got Sia and Rola and Peaches too
We got Johanna and JD and we're coming for you

My girls are screaming and yelling and getting loud
My girls are shaking up the party while you're getting down
My girls are singing and dancing and having fun
My girls are cooking up a beat and they want you to come


My girls stay close when there's some trouble around
They got jewels on their fingers, it's about to go down
We got no time for haters you know
We just came to party, come on now here we go

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