domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Sing For Me

Sing For Me

Sometimes when I'm sitting on my bed feeling so, so lonely
Wishing someone hold me
All I have is these little notes playing in my head
Outside I can cover all the scars
Inside lie the words just pleading to be heard 'cause
All I have are three million melodies to kill the hurt

And now I'm ready, now I'm gonna sing 'em out
Sing them out just for myself
I don't even care what the world thinks 'bout how I sound

'Cause when I open my mouth my whole heart comes out
Everytear I wanna cry is satisfied
I'm singing 'til I'm wining, I'ma sing all night
When I open my mouth there's no place to hide
Everything that I've been feeling runs wild and free
I'm singing 'cause I'm winning I'ma sing for me

I stand in believing who I am
Take shots at my heart but who am I to give up
Evreybody needs a melody to set their souls free
My stage is the greatest in the world
Give back to the ones who struggled with me, stayed true
Reminding me to see my only chosen destiny



Sing for me, sing for me
Sing for myself,  sing what I believe
Let my heart, heart come out
Right here right not, let the rain come down
Sing for me, sing for me 
Sing for myself, sing what I believe
Let my heart, heart come out
right here right now, make my own, my very own sound

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