lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Thank You (Dedication To Fans...)

Thank You (Dedication To Fans...)

It seems like a lifetime
Since I felt like a prisoner of my dreams
It look such a long time
For me to realyze just how to be
And to lsiten to me
Don't go thinkin' I'm not thankful
'Cause me, I've got my hands full of good things
And I hope I can give back
A little bit of what you've given me

So thank you
For standing 
Right by me
So thank you
For being
Behind me
And watching me grow
And lettin' others now
That you'll still believe in what I'll be

Some people have said things
In times about me that weren't always true
But you've always been there
To give me extra love to pull me through
To do what I gotta do
'Cause there'll always be those ups and down
But you always seem to stick around
And see
See me through to believe
And I hope I can keep back
A little bit of what you've given me
Ya give me all that I need

(Repeat Chorus)

It took a while 'til I could do what I wanted
And that I can be in aposition
Todo my own thing now
And make my own decisions
And so I'm thanking you
For being true
And standin' byme through and through

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